Drop Me off at Rainbow Road



African Shoes
Let Love Lead You Home
Only Lonely/Breaking Blue
Blue Jasmine
Keeping Hope Alive/Cry Freedom
Love on the Circle Line
The Off Season
Drop me off at Rainbow Road
Rita Sam
Wild Swimming
Sometime Valentina
Beautiful Romantic

Rainbow Road Pic 2 (1 of 1)


East Cyprus Writers – April 2018

A smoky cellar bar in the early hours, low lights and small corner stage. A tropical heat; long strong drinks; sultry women; discerning men. If you can picture this and wish you were there, you’re ready to be overtaken by the atmospheric Drop me off @ Rainbow Road as it strums and drums across the jazz/blues kaleidoscope and beyond. Overlaying it, is Jack’s gravelly interpretation of intriguing lyrics, with the standout tracks being African Shoes and Wild Swimming.

David Matthews