Party for One


PFO Front

TRACKS:Torn Water
Bandit Road
Blackwater Blues
Princes’ Parade
3 Cups and a Bean
Party for One
Last Living Musician in Town
Christmas Baby
Cut a Key
Brother Orchid
Never Enough
Eco Funeral


Kathy and Bob Drage ‘Around Kent Folk’

This cd is just one voice, 12 string guitar and harmonica – Jack is a troubadour of our time. He observes life in all it’s ways and turns them into a song. Some are totally self-composed; some are collaborations with Bill West, Clive Gardner and Colin Gibson. The opening track ‘Torn Water’ has tremendous harmonica riffs as does ‘Blackwater Falls’. The instrumental ‘Princes’ Parade’ makes full use of guitar and harmonica. ‘3 Cups and a Bean’ has lovely images of inhaling the perfume of lavender, stocks and taking flowers to Gran. The menacing air of ‘Party for One’ – do you dare go to the party? Going to see the ‘Last Living Musician in Town’ play his rock’n’roll. ‘Cut a Key’ – giving your heart to a loved one and hoping it is retrurned. ‘Brother Orchid’ was a punk who saw the light and became a monk and what else? Listen to the song, ‘Eco Funeral’ – shady woodland, woven basket, horse drawn carriage – terribly pc, but Jack wishes to live for ever and says , ‘So far, so good’. A Jack Pound cd is always a voyage of discovery, a journey we are pleased to take; his songs encompass all of life. We like it and will ‘toast the ghost’ with Party for One.